TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 34


Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to another issue of Tidings. This week, we cover the shocking news of Bolivia's former interim President...

Judicial failings

Bolivian judiciary's independence questioned as politicians continue to use it for revenge.

Bitcoin dreams

What to expect as El Salvador's bitcoin experiment prepares to go live.

Campeche platform explosion

Pemex quick to highlight accident not caused by a lack of investment.

Silver surfers

Technology starts to help Jamaica's senior community improve health, safety and communication.

Baby blues

Brazil’s birth rate falls by 24% in the first few months of 2021.

Checking in

Hopes for Colombia's hotel industry as pandemic restrictions are lifted.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 33


Editor’s note

Dear Members, As the end of the summer creeps closer and your perfect tan begins to fade, it seems apt...

Wealth lag

Latin America lags behind as global wealth continues to rise.

Down but not out

Haiti starts recovery from the earthquake and political disarray, what are its priorities?

Sustainability embargo

US bans Mexican shrimp imports in strengthening of sustainability requirements.

Chasing (electric) cars

Uruguay takes first steps towards EVs but the rest of the region is far behind.

Taxing flights

Caribbean countries consider tax cuts to boost inter-regional travel.

Changing political climate

Latest IPCC report sets the tone for COP26 but will Latin America take note?

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 32


Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings, this week is all about finely balanced scenarios that could go in one of...

Changing the guard

Castillo takes office in Peru but investors are still waiting for clarity.

Wind and gas

Renewables in Argentina held back by inadequate infrastructure and cheap gas potential.

First port of call

Guyana begins to level up infrastructure in anticipation of oil and gas boom.

Opportunity and trouble brewing

Colombia wrestles with surging international coffee prices.

Gaming the banks

Traditional LatAm banks jump into gaming to counter the rise of digital banks.

Faster, higher, stronger …

LatAm female athletes continued their progress at Tokyo 2020.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 31

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. This week in politics, we report on the concurrent investigations in Argentina and Bolivia into...

Arm in arms

Argentina and Bolivia allege opposition figures bought and sold arms illegally.

Tax is back

Tax reform and collection rises back up the agenda in Paraguay.

Dirty energy

Mexico continues to strengthen its energy policy around fossil fuels.

Bolivian EVs

Bolivia's Quantum Motors produces the country's own electric vehicles.

Vaccination check-up

An update on Mexico's vaccination process amid a third wave of infections.

Ethical banking

Ethical banking makes slow but steady progress in Latin America.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 30

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. This week, we consider the recent social unrest in Cuba and what the likely outcomes...

Up in arms

Power, food and medicine shortages lead to anti-government protests in Cuba.

Chile’s energy transition

Chile makes renewables progress but will it meet its targets?

Greening up construction

Latin American countries seek to promote sustainable construction.

Woolly recovery

Uruguayan wool exports begin to recover on increasing demand from China and Europe.

Colombian jabs

Public and private sectors working together to accelerate Colombia's vaccination drive.

Nightlife in the dark

Latin America's nightclubs continue to close or convert, will any survive the pandemic?

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 29

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. This week, we observe the power struggle that has ensued in the aftermath of the...

Assassination aftermath

Political confusion and power struggles in Haiti following assassination of President Moïse.

LPG for the people

Mexico's President AMLO creates state-owned Gas de Bienestar to distribute LPG.

Mining and trafficking

Illicit mining in Venezuela creates demand for human trafficking and prostitution.

5G auctions

Colombia's 5G auctions set to take place before the year end.

Vaccine diplomacy

US administration finally throws Latin America a vaccine bone.

Circular beauty economy

Latin American beauty consumers demanding more sustainable products.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 28

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. There is never a dull moment in Mexican politics. The latest is the upcoming vote...

Corruption vote

AMLO seeks public support to investigate allegations of corruption against former presidents.

Crypto rules

Mexico warns about cryptocurrencies while embracing fintechs.

Shipping out

COVID restrictions and congestion at Yantian felt in Latin America.

Bad catch

Argentinian authorities ban salmon farming in Tierra del Fuego.

Drone pilot

Chilean department store, Ripley, pilots drone delivery service in Peru.

Space SPAC

Argentina's Satellogic merges with a SPAC in USD 1.1 billion deal.

Covaxin scandal

Another investigation initiated against Bolsonaro but he continues to hang on.

Trendy bonds

Thematic bonds are becoming the financing instrument 'du jour' in Latin America.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 27

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. This week, we cover the fallout from the recent attack on President Duque in Colombia,...

Duque attacked

Colombia's President Duque attacked as the country's security situation deteriorates.

Cabling drones

Saving money and trees using drones to lay high voltage power lines in Guatemala.

Inflation risk

Alarm bells ring as food prices start to rise across Latin America.

Smoking gun

Smuggling of illegal cigarettes is growing across Latin America.

ReLAI reboot

Regional scientific and technological collaboration needs a post-pandemic kickstart.

Life’s a beach

The uneven recovery and reinvention of the Caribbean tourism industry.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 26

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. Finally, a week with no elections, but there is still some political drama as Brazil's...

Meet my rich friends

Kamala Harris taps private sector agreements to bring investment to Central America.

Banking on China

ICBC continues Latin American expansion with Panama branch.

Dredging up nationalism

Argentina's waterway dredging and signalling tender remains delayed.

Food for thought

The dichotomy of obesity and food security in Peru.

COVID update

The diverging outlook and attitude towards COVID-19 across Latin America.

Salles resigns

Brazil's environmentalists celebrate another victory as Bolsonaro ally resigns.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 25

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. This week, we continue to observe unofficial Russian interest in Latin America. Firstly, a growing...

Bolivia courts Russian interest

Russia scales up its unofficial interest in LatAm and finds a willing ally in Bolivia.

‘Hodl’ on tight!

Bitcoin to become legal tender in El Salvador, what could go wrong?

Nuclear (soft) power

Talk of Russian investment grows in Argentina, this time it's nuclear reactors.

Metro tragedy

Who is to blame for Mexico City's metro tragedy and what are the repercussions?

Miners on ‘red alert’

What's next for the mining sector in Peru under a Castillo presidency?

Health warning

CARICOM countries vote on the adoption of new food labelling.

Chips are down

Global chip shortage hits Brazilian automotive industry, telco's watch nervously.

Blue bonds

Latin America provides a unique proving ground for blue bonds but challenges remain.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 24

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. This week, we discuss Bolivia's Q1 economic data that suggests...

Semi-automatic renewal

Panama Maritime Authority considers renewing Hutchinson Whampoa's port concession.

Digital wallets

What's behind the success of Yape, the peer-to-peer mobile payments app backed by Peru's largest bank?

Economic gaslighting

Official figures show gas exports are driving Bolivia's economic recovery, so why are local economists concerned?

Cut throat competition

Rock Mobile wins telco license in Jamaica but faces an uphill battle as a new entrant.

Vaccine politics

Pfizer and Argentina fail to reach supply agreement for COVID-19 vaccine.

Back to school

Mexican schools reopen after pandemic closed them for over a year.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 23

Cracks Emerge In Morena’s Political Dominance

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's party loses its supermajority in the Mexican Congress and suffers an embarrassing defeat in Mexico City but what's next and what does it mean for your business?

With all votes counted, Castillo set for victory in Peru

Pedro Castillo, school-teacher son of illiterate farmers, edges closer to becoming the next President of Peru. Will he deliver his radical campaign promises? What role will Congress play? What's next?

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 22

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to another issue of Tidings. This week we cover the extraordinary news...

Opposition cancelled

Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua cancels the legal status of the opposition party.


Global trend for SPACs reaches Latin America.

Rotating assets

Renewable energy asset rotation stalls in Europe but will LatAm follow?

Better mining?

Miners increasingly view Argentina as more attractive than Chile.


Costa Rica leads nearshoring offering but can the rest of LatAm follow?

Data boom

Data centre growth booming across Latin America from hyperscale to edge.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 21

Editor’s note

Dear Members, In a blow to the rise of the environment up the corporate and...

Tree topping

Brazil's Minister of Environment investigated for illegal timber export.

Social roads

Sacyr issues first social bond for an infrastructure project in LatAm.

Cobre Panama

Panama renegotiates Cobre concession with First Quantum.

Vaccine geopolitics

Can Bolivia really produce the Sputnik V vaccine locally?

Strikes continue

Colombian strikes compound economic woes and hinder recovery.

Cruising back

Cruise ships plot Caribbean return under renewed environmental pressure.

Trafficking models

Venezuelan modelling agencies linked to trafficking and prostitution.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 20